Organic Only For Us!

I just wanted to note that last week I steamed some cabbage that I bought at our grocery store that was not organic.  I cleaned it  and stripped the outside leaves. Within 30 minutes after eating, my husband and I both had flu-like symptoms.  My husband had joint pain and neck and head pain, I had neck pain that progressed into a migraine headache.  A real doozy of a migraine, I might add.  We now have vowed just to eat organic food.  We’ve been mixing in the non-organic due to not a lot choices in our area.   Today we drove to a town 30 miles away to go to a larger health food store that carries a better variety of organic fruits and vegetables.  We had an all organic lunch and are feeling much better!


No pain today!

I just wanted to update on a discovery that I’ve made from the foods that I have been eating lately in relation to pain I have felt in my neck over that last few months.  My husband and I both have pain in our necks from eating certain foods, mostly MSG!  Both of us have had neck injuries from car accidents.   I’ve found by experimenting with using different kinds of flour, that even using non-gluten flours, I can develop inflammation in my neck.  Of course I get inflammation immediately when I eat wheat flour.  So I’ve lately been rarely eating anything with flour in it altogether and I’ve noticed that my neck has not been in pain and the knots in my neck are disappearing!