Hungry For Change


Synopsis: This documentary takes an unflinching look at the realm of commercial food production, and the surprisingly little-known truths about food and nutrition that have grown increasingly absent from American culture, with myth-busting facts about dieting and weight loss, and strategies for achieving better bodies both inside and out.

We just saw this documentary and I recommend it to everyone. We just started streaming Netflix on our TV using a Roku Streaming Player.  Netflix has the movie, “Hungry For Change” in the documentary section.  I learned some new facts about how our bodies function when given super nutritional organic fruits and vegetables.

The documentary recommends juicing.  We decided to start juicing because we haven’t had good results with taking supplements. We get neck aches and headaches from taking multivitamins, even the “Raw Vitamins”.   We felt like were were missing nutrients in our diet, even though we eat organic foods.  Since we started juicing, we both have had more energy and feel great.  We juice in the morning before breakfast and we can feel the nutrients working in our bodies right away!  Wow!  It feels like caffeine!  Juicing releases the vitamins and minerals so they absorb quickly into the bloodstream.  This morning we had rainbow chard, apples, and carrots.  We’ve also juiced fresh pineapple with carrots and apple.  Awesome!

green drink

Helpful Links:  – This website has all the information you will need on juicing and the nutritional value of many fruits and vegetables.

Hungry for Change – This is the official website for the documentary.