Clean & Hungry Cookbook


I really love the new Clean & Hungry cookbook that I got from Amazon a few weeks ago! I’ve never endorsed a cookbook until now. Actually I very rarely buy a cookbook because I can get alot of recipe ideas free off the internet or we just experiment and make up our own recipes.

This is definitely worth the money! It actually just came out in April 2016. The recipes are simple to make, low in carbs and fat,and high in protein.

Our favorite is the Island Coconut Brownies! Each Brownie has only 108 calories, 4.5 fiber, 4.5 sugars, and 4.5 protein. The secret ingredient is black beans! Yes, you read that right! You don’t taste them and the Brownies are so rich and moist!


We also love the Clean & Hungry Whole WheatTortillas! They are only 78 calories each, 12g carbs,7g protein! Easy to make,too!

I won’t share any of the cookbook recipes, for ethical reasons, but I may share a link to a recipe from the Hungry Girl website every now and then.

Happy Clean Cooking!


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