Activated Almonds

Activated Almonds, ready to eat.

Activated Almonds, ready to eat!

Activated Almonds are almonds that are soaked in salt water for several hours in order to remove the outer coating that is hard to digest, therefore activating the nutrients in the almonds so that the body can utilize them. The almonds are then dried overnight in the oven. They turn out wonderfully crunchy and hard to resist! They are my “go to” snack when we’re on the run! Here’s how to do it:

Pour 1 pound raw almonds in a large bowl. 

Add a lot of water (about half full) and a lot of sea salt (about 2 Tbsps.)

Let soak for about a day and a half, about 30 hours,stirring occasionally.

Rinse and drain in collender. Place almonds on baking sheet. Bake on 150°F for 10-12 hours or until crunchy. I bake them overnight.

Activated Almonds right out of the oven

Activated Almonds right out of the oven!

  • One variation is to sprinkle the almonds with powdered stevia and cinnamon before baking.



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