Organic “Italian” Potatoes

We love these potatoes. We call them Italian Potatoes because  I add garlic instead of onion, like I do regular fried potatoes.  They taste like potato chips and are crunchy as well!  ( I actually brown them more than this photo shows)  Yummy!   In this photo I’m using a non-stick pan, but they are just as good or better in an iron skillet.

I cook the organic potatoes (2 medium) in half olive oil and half butter (1 tbsp. each), so start heating the pan and butter and oil with one clove of minced garlic  while slicing the potatoes.  Lately, I’ve  eliminated the garlic to get the true “potato chip” flavor.   I use a mandolin slicer on level 2. If you don’t have that, just slice very thin (2mm).  Place slices in pan and cook over medium heat until fully browned and crunchy.  While cooking,  I add more butter if the pan gets dry.  Add sea salt as desired.


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