Just discovered Adzuki Beans!

We were at the health food store yesterday and I noticed the Adzuki beans that I had seen on the Dr. Oz show last week.  I bought a package and I looked up the nutritional information about them on The Health Benefits of Adzuki Beans  and they are really a nutritionally  power-packed little bean!

The Health Benefits of Adzuki Beans

The health benefits of adzuki beans are that they strengthen the kidneys and promote regular bowel movements. They are small brown/red beans which have a white stripe on one edge. They are originally from China and are very popular in Japan. Once they are cooked they give a nutty, sweet flavor and offer the lowest amount of fat and highest protein per bean than any other. They are a great source of fiber, potassium, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin and other vitamin B products. They are also rich in manganese, zinc and iron; all of which are incredibly good for you and needed in your everyday diet, particularly men, although women need just as many nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals, many of which are found in adzuki beans.

Health Benefits of Adzuki beans also help lower cholesterol and promote bowel movements as well as possibly combating breast cancer. As they originate in China, local medicine states that they are also great for the functionality of the reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder and can treat problems such as urinary or bladder ailments. In Chinese medicine, it is said that the beans overcome the feeling of fear and they encourage bravery, but in reality it is the internal health benefits that makes you feel better, you have cleansed your inner system and that is what gives you the bounce in your step from the Health Benefits of Adzuki beans.

The health benefits of adzuki beans is the richness of fiber which is soluble. This then promotes bowel movements and excretes waste in good time, rather than absorbing any bad substances. This quick movement keeps bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) out of the blood and will give you a lift, you’ll feel more awake, less lethargic and more ‘switched on’ from the The Health Benefits of Adzuki Beans

The Health Benefits of Adzuki Beans helps in regards to breast cancer prevention, experts say it is the phytoestrogens in adzuki beans which helps prevent cancer. Phytoestrogens help a woman’s body fool it into thinking that it is generating estrogen and this blocks receptor sites which could be attacked by cancerous cells.

Research in 1997, published in the Journal of Lipid Research showed that cholesterol was lowered by eating legumes. The health benefits of adzuki beans also strengthen the kidneys by causing a diuretic effect on the body. This helps the body excrete toxins in the body faster and clears up bladder and kidney problems. This is perfect for any waterworks problems you might have, and better still, it negates the need to buy over the counter medicines for what are potentially embarrassing problems.

Normal adzuki beans which are grown in the mid-west of America and Asia are smaller, not as sweet and lighter than the Hokkaido adzuki beans which are grown in the north of Japan. These Hokkaido beans are darker in color, shiny and rounder as they are grown in volcanic soil. They can be stored for 12 months in an air-tight container and can be used to make confectionery paste, soup and tea. It is generally considered that eating half a cup per week that you will reap the benefits of adzuki beans. If you are ill, then double that amount per week to gain the best from the adzuki beans health benefits.

We loved the beans tonight in our salad!  Also, they only take about 50-60 minutes to cook!  I soaked them for a few hours, but I read on a website that you only have to soak for an hour.  I cooked them with olive oil and salt with plenty of water in the pan because toward the end of cooking they did soak up a lot of water.


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