Living Free of MSG – Our Story


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“In Him we live and move and have our being”  Acts 17:28

Welcome to my website where I’m in the process of compiling recipes that I use on a daily and weekly basis.  I decided to share with people how to eat foods that don’t cause neck pain and migraines, at least not in myself or my husband.  My husband and I both have had problems with eating MSG and other foods, such as white flour, sugar, corn, and soy, that cause painful reactions in our bodies,which almost always ends up with our necks in pain and swollen and our heads and eyes in pain.  We also limit dairy products.

In 2006, my husband and I decided to switch to eating all organic food.  We live in a small town in the Midwest and organic foods in grocery stores is pretty limited.  But, we were very faithful for about a year.  We lost weight without really trying and we felt better.  I remember after our first organic meal we couldn’t believe the energy we felt.  Usually we felt lethargic even after eating a healthy non-organic meal.  My migraines also were less frequent.  But, after that year we started bringing in other food because we got bored with eating organic potatoes, carrots,  cauliflower, broccoli, peas, mixed vegetables, and spinach all the time.   That was all the organic our grocery store carried.  One thing led to another and we were buying quite a few non-organic fruits and vegetables for variety.  My migraines started to increase and even get more severe.  We believe that the year that we ate strictly organic food, cleansed our bodies, and after that we couldn’t eat out at fast food or restaurants like we used to be able to. I wonder how many other people have had the same experience.

I started on a quest to find out why I was having migraines twice a month or more, spending days in bed with the curtains drawn.  My first real eye-opening discovery was when I found the website .  It took me about a year to really fine tune my eating  —actually, I’m still fine tuning.  We’ve now gone back to eating all organic again and we both are feeling much better and have increased energy and our heads are clearer.

Then in 2016 we started drinking Zeal Wellness Formula from Zurvita. Wow! That really changed our lives! We finally found a nutritional supplement that we could take that didn’t give us headaches or neck pain, like all the others we tried. We have so much energy and less pain in our joints! Migraines are a thing of the past, just a minor case every now and then. An extra dose of Zeal pretty well eliminates any pain and discomfort.


I hope the recipes and tips on what foods to eat will help you or someone you know that suffers from migraines and neck pain and a host of other ailments as can be found at the website.  The recipes I have on this website are very simple, “down home” type cooking that we eat on a daily basis. Our goal is to feel good, keep our weight down, and live a pain-free life!

11 thoughts on “Living Free of MSG – Our Story

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I am now following your blog and can’t wait to learn from you as well. It’s really awesome to be able to connect to other people who have similar experiences. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  2. I’m glad I stumbled across your blog! As a chronic migraine suffer and one with numerous food allergies, I’m happy to see someone talking about food and how it affects our health. I was vegan for years, but being unemployed had to give up on organic foods and health foods because it was difficult to justify the added cost.

    What I found, as you seem to have also, is that my health started to suffer from that change in my eating habits and migraines came on with a vengeance.

    Anyway, looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment. My whole reason for starting this blog was the hope that I could help someone else with what knowledge I’ve gained over the past few years. I’ve suffered from migraines for many years not knowing that the foods I was eating was the main cause. I’ve only just begun this website, I hope to put together many more recipes in the future. My husband and I eat pretty simple basic “home cooking” type recipes. They work for us and I hope that some of the recipes may work for you as well. Thank you also for following my blog! Happy Cooking! Kim

  3. I am glad to see your site.I came down with food allergies about five years ago.the same foods even peanuts/nuts.My Msg allergy and allergies are to the point,that i instantly have reactions that literally affect my throat and trachea/sweelling,racing heart beat,shortness of breath and past Asthma kicks in. I can eat carrots and potatoes that are not organic only if cooked for atleast 15 to twenty minutes after water has started boiling, to cook out the sulfates.I do buy some organic foods,but they are very expensive and i have a large family.i also have a mold Allergy on top of that.I cannot find any type of white sandwich Bread that is gluten and msg free.I eat tortillias,and bake.

    • It’s good to hear from you Pamela. Sometimes we think we are the only ones with food “issues”, so it’s wonderful to hear from people with some of the same struggles. You commented on not finding any white sandwich bread that you can eat. Actually my husband and I can neither one eat any kind of flour anymore other than almond flour. We are both very sensitive to gluten & MSG, but also very sensitive to sugar as well as honey, or overly sweet fruits like banana; so my theory is that any type of fine flour causes inflammation which produces pain and knots in our necks which can lead to headaches and migraine symptoms. So almond flour is the only flour I use now. I make almond flour waffles and muffins. Also, Have you checked out the website?

      • I have an issue with peanuts and nuts as well.I can eat a certain brand of flour Tortillia. Only one large one is my limit for the day.i made a meatloaf last night and used the New hunts no preservative Brand ketchup and had an instant food reaction.I also noticed that i cannot even drink orange juice with vitamin D+Calcium,due to having malic acid in it. I have issues with sugar as well.Domino seems to have less mold,and i can tolerate it better.My oldest son cannot eat chocolate anymore,because it causes irregular heartbeat like he is 70 years old or older.He is only 25 years old.
        some foods i could eat six months ago,i cannot eat now. Evidentally they are adding even more garbage in the food,including white flour and Bread.Yet these preservatives and additives are banned in other Countries. Even Russia has banned
        any and all Us meat from being sent to,or sold in their country, due to arsenic being used in the poultry feed, in this country. It is all about money,greed and the Almighty dollar over the health and welfare of American citizens.

      • Wow! That’s why I can’t eat anything processed, even “health foods” have additives they don’t list. Last week we bought same apple butter from the health food store called “Tap an Apple”. It listed apples and apple juice, and no preservatives. Apparently the apple juice they get had some sulfites in it because I had stomach upset and my husband also had chest pains after just a teaspoon. We eat organic fruits and vegs fresh or frozen, and Quinoa, and millet. We eat very few beans anymore. Eggs give us problems, as well as cheese. We eat lots of butter. My husband is also sensitive to nuts. We can’t eat wheat or corn so we don’t eat tortillas (my favorite food!) I know what you mean, I have become sensitive to foods I wasn’t sensitive to a year ago and even 5 years ago I was able to eat out without too much problem, now I can only eat a baked potato with real butter otherwise I eat it dry or a salad and I bring my own dressing. My family thinks we are crazy when we bring our own food to family dinners.

      • I cannot even eat a salad while out and about.if it is not organic i cannot eat it.One of my sisters spend six months in America and six months in England.When she is here in the States,she buys a lot of international foods, because most of the mess here that is added to the food, is banned oversees. If she eats all of the mess! with preservatives here in the US, it makes her sick ,and she is Disabled with health issues. The food does not make her sick oversees,because it is freshly cooked food without all of the preservatives .Evidentally the preservatives are slowly building up toxins in our bodies..After a certain amount of time, our bodies treats it as a foreign substance,attacking our immune system.

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